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I DID IT! Little Box Big Discovery Monthly Subscription Kit

Product Description

Monthly themed activity kit for children aged 5-11. The I DID IT! LIttle Box Big Discovery brings all the features of an I DID IT! Double the Fun subscription box with 1 activity rather than 2.

What's in the box?

One big discovery delivered in a little box each month with a subscription to an I DID IT! Little Box Big Discovery. Children between the ages of 5-11 can look forward to unboxing an exciting activity that is personalised with their name on it. Each box is intended to provide a new learning experience and consists of those lightbulb moments - an educational kit, but they'll be having too much fun to notice.

Inspired by science, technology,  engineering, art & maths there is plenty in this little box to spark a new interest or boost a hobby.

There's always a new theme to explore with an I DID IT! kit such as bug hunting, the solar system, dough circuits, sand art and more.

This kit comes with 1 booklet that includes, instructions, fun facts and extended activities. Kits are personalised with your child's name and arrive in a beautifully branded I DID IT! box. I DID IT! kits also make for a perfect gift and provide a perfect opportunity with some one-to-one time with your child.

Key features

  • Light bulb moments delivered to your door for children ages 5-11.
  • Inspired by science, technology, engineering art and maths.
  • Everything you need in the box, no mad dash to the shop.
  • Educational, but they'll be having too much fun to notice.
  • Personalised with your child's name.
  • Creating one-to-one time with your child.
  • Creations designed to be admired and products to be re-used.
  • Themes range from bug hunting, the solar system, dough circuits, sand art and more.
  • Beautifully packaged, perfect for a gift.
  • 1 fun educational activity in each box.

Whilst we have a new box each month, we may send a box that we know you haven't had before. 

Subscription orders are required to be placed by the 12th of each month and shipped on 15th of each month, Orders received after 12th will receive their box the following month.

Includes Shipping

Subscriptions are month to month with no lengthy commitment. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time providing that your cancellations are submitted by the 12th of the month.


 LIttle Box Big Discovery kit examples are featured in the product images.

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